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  • The history of Bangladesh is a story of international prestige, economic prosperity, and intellectual sophistication.

    What made it so was its profound ability to harmonize its diverse elements, and create a pluralistic society that encouraged all, regardless of faith or ethnicity.

  • Geography and Pluralism
    Edicts of Ashoka
    Flourishing Trade of Bengal
    Gupta Rule
    A Unique Identity Emerges
    Golden Age of Bengal
    Buddha Purnima
    A Bengali Transforms Tibet
    Trading Arabs and Traveling Sufis
    The Sultans of Bengal
    Treasure Fleets of Zengh He
    Muharram in Dhaka
    Hussaini Dalan Mosque in Dhaka
    Hussaini Dalan in the Present
    Dhaka River Scene
    Armenians of Old Dhaka
    Clara: The North Bengal Rhino
    First Partition of Bengal
    The Map of the Future
    Aparajeyo Bangla
    Dhaka Mosque
    Tallest Buddha in Bangladesh
    A Beautiful Mess of Color
    Independence Day

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